Rhydian And The Residuals

Welcome to the official web site of Rhydian And The Residuals. 

"WHERE WORDS FAIL, MUSIC SPEAKS" Hans Christian Anderson.

Music is such a powerful and wonderful gift. It can totally change the way you feel, and can without a doubt, create an amazing and memorable event or celebration.

Rhydian Lewis has many years of singing and music experience of working with clients to help "fit" the perfect musical act to any event. There are many formats and musicians that can be added to make your event a success, using Rhydian's knowledge and dedication to success.

Jazz, Swing, Rock and Roll, 80's, dance, blues and the latest hits. Choose a genre to theme your event or simply choose a mixture. We are here to listen and advise to help make everything run smoothly. 

We can supply our own PA if required to the highest Specifications inc' lighting and staging. If you are the entertainment organiser of a venue and are looking for a show(up to 2 hours in length) to perform for your venue, then please click on the link below to find out what is currently available.


A little bit about Rhydian

Rhydian’s Repertoire includes music by Micheal Bublé, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Paula Anka, George Michael, Elvis and Neil Diamond including new artists and hits from musicals like The Phantom Of The Opera and Les Miserables.

Rhydian has appeared at The Intercontinental, The Hyatt, Dreamworld, Movieworld, Paradise Country, Twin Towns, Gold Cold Tourism, For You Health,  APC Logistics, Jupiter Casino, Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show,  Toll,  The Links Golf Club, The Hilton Hotel Group.

Rhydian can currently sing in 5 languages including, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and English and has over 320 songs in his song list, and has just returned from China where he performed for 18,000 people.

Rhydian has performed at many charity functions and will continue to. Music has the power to change peoples minds and moods and lifts us to places where magic becomes the norm. 

Check out Rhydian’s music on iTunes worldwide.



 If any one has come to the web site in search of a band that you would like to book please contact us via the contact tab on our website and fill out the details we need to get in touch with you. 


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